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You do not know what to do with all the treasure of knowledge in your business? Not sure where to start?
We know the tools and we have a wealth of experiences that we would like to share with you, to help you find an effective solution (you have to save time, or do something you could not do before) and efficient (in short, just spending what you really need ).
We will design the processes with you, we will find the best tools or if necessary we will design them for you, and finally you can say: I have renewed the training in my company!

Custom Training

We do not want to do everything ourselves, we really want to see you become autonomous and manage the tools and activities we organize together. This is why we will think together with you a training program tailored to your needs, to immediately learn everything, but only what you need ;-)

  • Use the LMS platform: use the platform to make your life easier! You do not need a degree in engineering, just a few hours to learn only the functions you really need, and a lot of tricks and shortcuts to save time and effort.
  • Create elearning courses: if you want to do a lot of courses, if you already have the contents ... why not learn how to do them at home?
  • Manage online training: now that your courses are online, it's good that everything runs smoothly! Here's what you need to know to avoid problems and get the most out of participation from participants and faculty.

Do you prefer to start with something more "standard"? Then take a look at our Elearnit Academy courses!

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Launch your e-learning!

Learn to use the best Forma and Articulate with the Elearnit ACADEMY courses and events


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