A set of plugins to transform Forma Lms into a complete CME platform
Are you an CME provider and want to face the fad challenge? Then we have what you need: an accreditable fad CME platform on which our customers are delivering dozens of online courses every year to thousands of doctors and health professionals since 2010.
In short, we have the tools and the experience to use them with you ... Do we want to try together?


What we can do for you

banner ecm 2015 ENGWe support providers by providing the platform and the infrastructure necessary to make it work better, also supporting them in the courses creation. Together with our customers, in recent years the national and regional FAD CME projects that we have followed together with our customers have already involved over 20,000 people. Over 60,000 CME credits have been provided through our installations.

CME Platform

With this experience on the shoulders today we can offer you an e-learning platform optimized for the requests of Agenas, a version of Forma LMS that meets ministerial requirements and new national regulations, and that simplifies the management of FAD CME courses from creation to reporting.

The platform natively offers the TRACING of fruition data according to the international SCORM standard, and advanced REPORTING functions to quickly and easily create customized reports compatible with the data track requested by Agenas, and integrates these additional plugins and functionalities necessary for a complete management of the fad CME, which are missing on the standard platforms:


The quality of the personal data collected is essential to ensure acceptance of the final reports that will be sent to Agenas and for the actual accreditation of the members. For this we have provided advanced controls on data and wizards that guide the user during registration, so as to avoid errors in the identification of the doctors involved.

The platform is set up to manage professional data and user discipline, and integrates:

  • the complete list of professions and disciplines, managed with separate fields and dynamically linked
  • the possibility for users to enter multiple disciplines for their profession.

The automatic certificate generation system already present in Forma is enhanced to allow:

    • integration with the professions system: certificates are issued only if the user belongs to a discipline for which the course is accredited
    • the issuance of accreditation certificates and / or attendance certificates based on the completion of specific objects (eg the satisfaction questionnaire) even if these are not end-of-course markers.
Export xml (national and regional)
The mechanism for creating the XML flow is integrated and exported to Co.Ge.Aps and any similar regional CME systems.
Calculation of credits based on role and type of course
Adding the credit calculation mechanism, based on the (national or regional) algorithm
Additional information on the course
  • Course Type: Custom course course, powered by drop-down menu
  • Learning objectives: Personalized course course, powered by drop-down menus
Educational portfolio
This feature allows users to upload on the platform also certificates obtained in courses provided by other institutions and providers

...and courses?

Do not forget that in addition to providing the LMS platform, we can also:
Produce for you CME custom courses
Provide you with our Catalog courses for CME accreditation
CME in Italy has finally become an adult, the moment has arrived: now you need a partner to face this new challenge.

What else do we do in the medical field?

In the last years above all we have conducted - for our customers in the Healthcare field - a high number of survey or Delphi Panel. 


integration web

Integration with other intranet and business management applications is one of the hottest topics in the implementation of an e-learning system. Prevent employees from finding themselves with the umpteenth password to remember, keeping personal data always aligned so as not to be forced to boring manual updates, guarantee access to courses according to company policies, earn substantial organizational savings: these are the main advantages in the adoption of our solutions.

We offer advice on technical and organizational design and implementation of:

  • Single sign-on solutions (synchronous alignment): set-up of procedures and functions for passing and updating utilities between web applications (intranet, corporate portals, ecc.)

  • Data synchronization: setup of procedures and functions for asynchronous alignment of user registries based on datasets received from other software (management, Sap, ecc)



custom developement web

Starting from open-source solutions in implementing an e-learning system in a company allows to greatly reduce the time and costs of technological startups, but it can happen that small interventions are needed to adapt these tools to specific needs of the company.

We usually handle these customization interventions that may concern, for example:

  • Development of additional features on the platform, necessary for specific practices of your company or your customers

  • Modification of existing features to optimize them and adapt them to specific business tasks


For example, we have developed scheduling and notification systems (also via SMS), customized reports, customized layouts…. Would you like to know more? Contact (link)


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